Do You Remember These?

I miss the days when I was in primary school. The headmaster and teachers inspected our
nails and uniform.
Do you remember:
• The days of Nasco Biscuit, okin biscuit
Trebor,Iced Colored water tied in nylon we
called it “lolly”
• The days of Goody-Goody And pako Biscuit.
• The days of Ali & Simbi,Mr & Mrs
Salami,Agbo lives in Calabar….
• I remember those days when one
naira na money,when groundnut was
5kobo & choco milo sweet was 5 kobo
• The days of these game, “who is in d garden, police and thief, mama & papa play”
• Days when we use to build houses with
sand, play suwe game, tinco-tinco,change your
style, ten-ten, skipping, stop! Hope You remember!
•Those days when we used to fly kite on
•Those days when rubber band was stock
•Days when votron, jimbo, power rangers,
spider man was our favourite cartoons
• Days of limca soft drinks& choco milo….


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