Imagine If Animals Were On Facebook, See Their Likely Status….

Imagine If animals were also on Facebook.
Their likely status are:

MOSQUITO: "I love it when NEPA commot Light for Night, na then i dey see food chop."

HEN:- "I just lost my menstrual Period, I think I'm pregnant."

COCKROACH:- " Hi Friends, I Just find out say BAGON na Ice Cream, Infact, E sweet past Sugar sef"

CHICKEN :- " If you don't see My status update tomorrow, it means i'm being served as Food at a nearby 'KFC', We shall meet in Heaven!"

PIG :- " Chei! I no know Why people dey always gossip around say I Dirty, Na wetin concern them…nonsense!"

RAM: "Yehhh!!!!….SALLAH is comming, God, My life dey your Hand ooooo…Please I no wan die now o"

RAT:- "Hmmmm.. These tenant no
know say I senior them for this house, Imagine….. Dem wan use trap catch me…Na today u don dey set am? I go chop this food"

SPIDER :- "I'm planning to build something like a Third Mainland Bridge now, I hope say people wont do sanitation to spoil my plans sha"

DOG :- " I hate Calabar people with
Passion! Chai, there is GOD Oo!"


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