My Mess Saves Me From Mess – A Man God Saved From Robbers

Wonders shall never end in this Naija ooh! Hmmn, if you know how to fart (mess) very well, congratulations!
One day, God will use that to save you from problems as He delivered my neighbour from thieves. Here is the story of how he used one odourlistic and smelliological mess to save himself from robbers in a one-chance bus as we do call them.
"We are just two that were carried while those in the bus are robbers". He started with laughter, "They started from the first person who sat at the front. They collected his phones and some amounts of money. As they were beating him, I just released this silent but mighty mess that everybody started covering their noses. I did as if am innocent. They got annoyed that they hit the man again thinking he was the one who farted. I released another mightier one again because a stitch in time saves time so that they won't get to me after dealing with the other man. Suddenly, they asked us to get down from the bus. Help me to thank God Oo!"

What's The Level Of Your Fart?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Esther says:

    This is funny and inspiring!


  2. Ireti says:

    It seems funny but God is so wonderful. This can be real also!


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