Welcome To Nigeria: What A Funny Country

There are some funny observations in Nigeria. Below are some funny sayings I read which I will like to share with you.

Where loosing a phone is more painful than loosing VIRGINITY.

Where Bathrooms has become photo STUDIO.

Where getting a GALAXY phone is greater than achieving B.sc DEGREE.

Where yahoo boys have brighter future than graduates.

Where temples are turned into dating points.

Where people find it difficult to worship God but man.

Where lies are turned into realities.

Where ladies fear pregnancy than HIV.

Where pizza delivery is faster than emergency response.

Where people fear thieves, robbers and Boko Haram than God.

Where people go to church with phone chargers than Bible.

Where guys are scared of getting married but love to have sex.

Where we have highest number of musician due to unemployment.

Where the higher your offence the lower ur punishment and vice versa.

Where number of churches and
mosque are more than worshipers.

What A Funny Country!!!
Nigeria Go Better By God’s Grace


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