Funny Vote Of Thanks Given You Need To Read. #2

Let me continue from where I stopped on The Funny Votes Of Thanks 1.

The man continued his speech,
“Very big thanks to my parents for bringing the village cultural band to entertain us all here, today.
“Hmmn! also not forgetting the church marriage committee, thank you for persuading my wife to marry me. “Appreciation to the married men in the church for rushing me into this marriage.
“The women are not left out, thanks a lot for teaching my wife how to cook and dance.
“To the youths, thank you for sweeping and decorating this venue with palm fronds. I am also grateful to my teenage friends for helping with fanta and cocacola drinks.
“Appreciation to my co-tenants for contributing money for the cameraman.
“Well, I wish you all safe journey and I pray you don’t experience what I suffered for this wedding.”

My people, why not reply “amen” to this prayer: You Will Not Experience This In Jesus Name!
Give one word for this couple …..


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