Hospitainment: Ebola Patients Versus Typhoid Patients

Do you that the sick people and out-patients can get their healing due to the fear of this most popular disease called “Ebola”?

I know that you will ask- how?

This is it, it’s simple:
If a man ran into the hospital and shout,”Doctor! Doctor!! My brother is dying please assist me with the nurse”.
The Nurse replied,”The Doctor is not around bring him in.”
“Thank you nurse. Please join me to bring him in”, as the man opened the car door and took a pair of glove, the nurse asked, “Oga Why the gloves?”
“Thanks, he’s an ebola patient. Infact, I have some for you also.”
The nurse ran into the hospital and screamed, “Nurse Titi, matron! Ebola patient is here o! everybody run for your life ooo!

The next thing you will see is that those who were unable to walk nor talk in the hospital bed will jump out of bed and run for their life.

What other funny things could happen as other patients heard the news?


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