Female Anopheles Mosquitoes Rally 2014: Get Your Own Treated Mosquito Net Today

The federal ministry of health announced that the everyone should try and get their own treated mosquitoe net in prior to the rally of the Female Anopheles Mosquitoes Association of Nigeria (FAMAN).

The rally will only be done during night hour when everyone is asleep.

The President of the association gave her short speech, “We are now improved and advanced that before.”
She continued, “We are ready to drill people’s body with our new sophisticated sucking machine called probotech. One of our china-based member brought the weapons. We all love the design because it will speed up the rate at which we suck.”

One of the company manufacturing insecticide has give thousands of insecticide freely to the rural communities as it was sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Please go and get your own today because prevention is better than cure!

Remember that mosquito kills, kill mosquito.


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