Nigerian Banks: Funny Things About Them You Need To Know.

You could imagine when you wanted to deposit some amount of money into your account, it is very easier than to withdraw it.

With smiles and nice face they will welcome you with little or no stress.

On the other hand, when you want to withdraw huge amount of money above a hundred thousand, that is when your face will not look as the same with your passport on their system.

This can affect those that are using bleaching cream, i.e when they opened the account they were dark in complexion but because they are now lighter than expected or turn to coke and fanta due to the bleaching cream used. That is why it is not good to bleach your skin.

Like I was saying, if you did not have issue with that, signature is another problem. It is for security purpose they say but not the way some banks treat customers.

Thank God that those stresses have been reduced by the use of ATM.

I am not against any bank but the funny thing is that they bring up protocol that are not satisfactory when you need your money.


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