Can A Nigerian Lectures In China? Read This Funny Story

A Nigerian lecturer was opportuned to lecture in China.
The first day he entered lecture theatre, he began by introducing himself and then brought out the list given to him to call the attendance.

While going through the list he called a name, “Ching Hung!” A student answered “Present.”
He called the second name, “Chan Junchin”. Another student answered, “Present.”
Suddenly, he sneezed, “hatchin!” a student seated at the corner stood up and said, “Present!”
He then exclaimed,”hmmmm…”all the students shouted, “Absent.”
He got confused and said,”Chai!” Three students stood up and responded, “Which of us?”
The lecturer became more confused and he asked, “What is wrong?”
A student stood up and replied, “Sir, I’m not Wrong, I’m called Wong.”
The lecturer now laughed, “hahaha…” A girl answered, “Present sir.”

If You Happen To Be The Lecturer What Will You Do?