I Thought It Was My Husband!

My dear people, do you know there are strong women in this great nation, Nigeria?
You say ‘Yes!’
Well, we do say, “What a man can do, a woman can do better.”
Let me quickly tell you this short funny story.
A woman was being praised for her ability to wrestle a burglar who tried to rob her to the ground.
“Madam…” the police remarked, “I am amazed that you had the courage to attack a burglar and with everywhere being dark.”
“Oh!” replied the woman who was a little embarrassed, “I didn’t know it was a burglar, I thought it was my husband.”

Do you now see that this is serious!
What’s your own view about this?

Once again welcome to Bodjetstar Comedy House (BCH)!
I remain Bodjetstar.
Thank You!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bodjetstar says:

    You are right GODFIRST CHUKWUMA.
    This shows that she had been beating her husband. The woman would be eating akpu more than her husband who was not strong. May God deliver the weak from the strong.
    Thanks for giving your own view on this.

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  2. Chukwuma says:

    1. She beats her husband up
    2. She does not allow her husband to have ‘fellowship’ with her.
    3. She’s into boxing. They call her man-woman, lol.

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