Can Money Be Taken to Heaven? 

An Edo Man invited his friends for his mother’s burial. After lowering the coffin, the family put yam, rice, meat etc, into the grave in line with tradition. A Hausa Man asked, “why?” The Edo man smiled and said,”According to our tradition, the dead go on a long journey and need all the food items they can get”.

 The Hausa man dropped N100,000 inside and said, “When the food finish, buy more”. 

The Yoruba man dropped N50,000 and said, “Add this in case it’s not enough.”

Before I continue, Do you know that Igbo man like money?

Well, when it got to the turn of the Igbo man, he smiled and brought out his cheque book and wrote a cheque of N200,000. He dropped it in the coffin and took the N150,000 notes as change, then said, “Nwanne, withdraw it when you reach there oooo!!!.. It is going to be a dangerous journey, we don’t know how many robbers are out there and afterall we are in a cashless economy. Travel well oooo!

Disclaimer: This joke is not to embarrass or abuse any tribe but to make people laugh and stay blessed with the message passed across 

Igbo Kwenu!!!

Well, this is to remind you that all is vanity. Vanity upon vanity. Instead of pursuing God so that He can help you in all you do, you are pursuing wealth. But remember that when you die, all will be left for those who never struggle as you did and someone else will come to enjoy it in your absence. Vanity upon vanity.

You need to walk in line with God for your work to work for you that your labour will not be in vain.

Now u r laughing. Put a smile on somebody’s face today. Don’t break d link..

Published by Olabode Adediya

Olabode Adediya is an Advocate for positive parenting and happy family life. He helps parents and intending parents to get it right. He is the founder, Family Affairs Network, an online community that empowers parents to raise and nurture exceptional children. Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter via @Bodjetstar.

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