Welcome To Bodjetstar Comedy House!

Good Day, I Am Adediya Olabode ‘Bodjetstar’. The Founder Of Bodjetstar Comedy House (BCH).

Bodjetstar Comedy House is an online clinic where you find jokes and humours that are the best medicine (laughter) that will help you to forget your sorrow.

*As A Comedian, I created this site with the aim of:
>> Entertaining to educate whereby people can learn, laugh and smile through the jokes, funny news, funny gists, humourous talks and funny stories.
>> To turn sorrow into joy and happiness while reading our funny stories and humorous writings.

Hope You Found This Site Interesting?

For Any Suggestions, Comments, And Advice, Feel Free To Let Me Know In The Comment Form Below.

Bodjetstar Says: “Laughter Is The Best Medicine”

Thanks For Being In This Funny House And Don’t Forget To Inform Your Friends About This Site, Share With Others And Subscribe To Follow BCH!

Once Again Welcome To Bodjetstar Comedy House!


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