Be The First To Win This Promo Today!

There are lots of promo announced whereby only a few people could win. My dear reader, congratulations as am assurring you that you’re going to be the first to win this promo am about to share with you instantly (i.e. you’ll wait and get it immediately).
It’s free of charge! You might be thinking – How?
It’s simple, just slap your neighbour or anybody next to you and get two free! Yes it’s FREE!
My Dear, what are you waiting for before it’s too late, hurry now while offers last!
To have more than double or multiple bonus of this promo, look for a police officer, a soldier, a man-o-war, and offer them a slap and get instant response without wasting much time as they will give you bonuses in multiple of your entries.

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The Power In A Laugh

You might find this strange, but what kept coming to my mind was laughter is the best medicine .
Too many people have forgotten the tremendous healing power of laughter (Noel Jones). Laughter lowers blood pressure and decrease heart strain (Oprah Winfrey).
Other research reveals that laughter can reduce stress by helping to relax muscles.

I Say, With The Sense Of Humour On This Blog, Laughter Is Healthy For You. It’s The Best Medicine.

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Is The Kingdom Of God For Those That Are Fat?

The road that leads to heaven is a narrow way.
If you know that you are too fat i.e. fatter and even more than that the enterance, please try and lose your weight.

Am I right or not?
Please let me hear your own opinion and suggestion concerning this.

Funny Prayer Tips

Do You Love Riding On Bike? This Prayer Is For You

Bike, commonly called ‘okada’, is one of the fastest means of transportation in Nigeria.
For those of you that enjoy riding on bike or love to take it to your destination on daily bases, here is a funny prayer for you which I will like to hear your loud ‘Amen’.

This year, okada will not laugh at you.
It’s like you don’t understand the prayer? Let me explain. It means may you never have any form of bike accident because when some bike accident occur, those on the bike will be on one side while the bike will be on the other side, laughing at its rider. That’s when you’ll hear it sound, “EEEN! HIIIN!!”
Mind you, the okada is just laughing at you.

Therefore, you’ll never experience such in Jesus name.

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My Mess Saves Me From Mess – A Man God Saved From Robbers

Wonders shall never end in this Naija ooh! Hmmn, if you know how to fart (mess) very well, congratulations!
One day, God will use that to save you from problems as He delivered my neighbour from thieves. Here is the story of how he used one odourlistic and smelliological mess to save himself from robbers in a one-chance bus as we do call them.
"We are just two that were carried while those in the bus are robbers". He started with laughter, "They started from the first person who sat at the front. They collected his phones and some amounts of money. As they were beating him, I just released this silent but mighty mess that everybody started covering their noses. I did as if am innocent. They got annoyed that they hit the man again thinking he was the one who farted. I released another mightier one again because a stitch in time saves time so that they won't get to me after dealing with the other man. Suddenly, they asked us to get down from the bus. Help me to thank God Oo!"

What's The Level Of Your Fart?


Do You Remember These?

I miss the days when I was in primary school. The headmaster and teachers inspected our
nails and uniform.
Do you remember:
• The days of Nasco Biscuit, okin biscuit
Trebor,Iced Colored water tied in nylon we
called it “lolly”
• The days of Goody-Goody And pako Biscuit.
• The days of Ali & Simbi,Mr & Mrs
Salami,Agbo lives in Calabar….
• I remember those days when one
naira na money,when groundnut was
5kobo & choco milo sweet was 5 kobo
• The days of these game, “who is in d garden, police and thief, mama & papa play”
• Days when we use to build houses with
sand, play suwe game, tinco-tinco,change your
style, ten-ten, skipping, stop! Hope You remember!
•Those days when we used to fly kite on
•Those days when rubber band was stock
•Days when votron, jimbo, power rangers,
spider man was our favourite cartoons
• Days of limca soft drinks& choco milo….