Should This Man Say “Amen!”

A man went for an HIV test on a Friday. He was told to come back for the result the following week. That weekend, the man went to church. The pastor made some… Continue reading

Who Is The Fool Among These People? You Need To Read This!

Dear readers, I want you to state who the fool is among the following people used as case study below: 1. A man who went to bank with spanner to open an account.… Continue reading

The Beggar With A Blind Dog

A man sat at a corner in a particular street with very heavy, dark glasses. He had a dog on which he hung a card with the inscription: “I am blind”. Every morning… Continue reading

The Power In A Laugh

You might find this strange, but what kept coming to my mind was laughter is the best medicine . Too many people have forgotten the tremendous healing power of laughter (Noel Jones). Laughter… Continue reading

Funny Nigerian Phonebook Contact

THE WAY NAMES ARE SAVED AS CONTACT ARE SOMETIMES FUNNY. LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT AN IBADAN WOMAN'S PHONE BOOK: *Iya Deji alaso *Nuru eleran *Kamoru Onigi *Iya Monsurat elepo. *Iya Lekan eleja… Continue reading

A Secret Is Revealed In The Presence Of A Gossiper

Three ladies who were ushers in a church agreed to sincerely tell each other their problems which must be kept as a secret between the three of them. The First said, “My problem… Continue reading

Can A Nigerian Lectures In China? Read This Funny Story

A Nigerian lecturer was opportuned to lecture in China. The first day he entered lecture theatre, he began by introducing himself and then brought out the list given to him to call the… Continue reading

Is The Kingdom Of God For Those That Are Fat?

The road that leads to heaven is a narrow way. If you know that you are too fat i.e. fatter and even more than that the enterance, please try and lose your weight.… Continue reading

Nigerian Blog Awards 2014 Is Here Again!

Hello Everyone, I Will Like You To Please Nominate “” under the ‘Best Humour’ category at Remember to confirm the email replied to you for the nominations to count. Thank you… Continue reading

Do You Love Riding On Bike? This Prayer Is For You

Bike, commonly called ‘okada’, is one of the fastest means of transportation in Nigeria. For those of you that enjoy riding on bike or love to take it to your destination on daily… Continue reading

Dear BCH Reader: Happy New Year!

Dear Reader, I am using this medium to express my profound gratitude and to appreciate you for sparing your time to read my blog. Despite the short but meaningful articles published, you still… Continue reading

Happy New Month

I am very sorry for not writing since because of my tight schedule in school. First of all, I am using this medium to wish you all a happy new month. I pray… Continue reading

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