Do You Always Forget Your Bank Account Signature?

I recall what our fore-fathers always do during their time when they went to bank. Can you guess? Well, let me tell you: they use their fingerprint as their means of signature. Therefore,… Continue reading

Nigerian Banks: Funny Things About Them You Need To Know.

You could imagine when you wanted to deposit some amount of money into your account, it is very easier than to withdraw it. With smiles and nice face they will welcome you with… Continue reading

Female Anopheles Mosquitoes Rally 2014: Get Your Own Treated Mosquito Net Today

The federal ministry of health announced that the everyone should try and get their own treated mosquitoe net in prior to the rally of the Female Anopheles Mosquitoes Association of Nigeria (FAMAN). The… Continue reading

Chickens Vs Government: Chickens Want To Go On Strike!

The Nigerian Chicken Association (NCA) said in a press conference yesterday that the rate at which the hawks are kidnapping their chicks without returning is becoming too much. It was also stated that… Continue reading

Hospitainment: Ebola Patients Versus Typhoid Patients

Do you that the sick people and out-patients can get their healing due to the fear of this most popular disease called “Ebola”? I know that you will ask- how? This is it,… Continue reading

Funny Vote Of Thanks Given You Need To Read. #2

Let me continue from where I stopped on The Funny Votes Of Thanks 1. The man continued his speech, “Very big thanks to my parents for bringing the village cultural band to entertain… Continue reading

Funny Vote Of Thanks Given You Need To Read. #1

In a wedding reception, the groom was called upon to give his vote of thanks to his guests and this is what he came up with: “First of all, I thank the Almighty… Continue reading

Welcome To Nigeria: What A Funny Country

There are some funny observations in Nigeria. Below are some funny sayings I read which I will like to share with you. Where loosing a phone is more painful than loosing VIRGINITY. Where… Continue reading

Imagine If Animals Were On Facebook, See Their Likely Status….

Imagine If animals were also on Facebook. Their likely status are: MOSQUITO: "I love it when NEPA commot Light for Night, na then i dey see food chop." HEN:- "I just lost my… Continue reading

My Mess Saves Me From Mess – A Man God Saved From Robbers

Wonders shall never end in this Naija ooh! Hmmn, if you know how to fart (mess) very well, congratulations! One day, God will use that to save you from problems as He delivered… Continue reading

Do You Remember These?

I miss the days when I was in primary school. The headmaster and teachers inspected our nails and uniform. Do you remember: • The days of Nasco Biscuit, okin biscuit Trebor,Iced Colored water… Continue reading

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