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Don’t Drag The Tray: A Lesson for Everyone

I will like to share with you a funny but thoughtful story with you. Relax and enjoy….

A man was sent to the annual national convention of his professional body by his company. 

The convention was a congregation of about 10,000 people. 

During one of the days at the covention, it was time for lunch and people were being served. 

This man saw that, they were serving people beside him left and right but they were not serving him and the people on his row. 

Well you know how some people people behave when hungry but could not controlled it. 

He shouted at the ladies serving and they told him to keep calm that there is enough food for everyone and that it will soon get to his turn. 

He watched angrily as they passed the tray containing plates of soup and amala before him again twice without serving him. 

When he saw another lady carrying the tray, he stood up angrily and drag the tray of ewedu (a drawing soup like okro in Yoruba land) soup to take his food by force.

Suddenly, the whole tray containing about 6 plate of soup landed on his head as he dragged the tray from the lady’s hands. 

Are you are surprised?

His white cloth was stained, soiled and spoilt. Pepper got into his eyes and he was shouting,”My eyes ooo, somebody help me, my eyes oo, pepper in my eyes oo!!!”

People around him had to drag him out as he could not open his eyes because of the pepper that was still in his eyes. It was a complete show of shame and a reward of impatience.  
Dear reader, many of us are like this man, we feel others are already ‘eating‘ success, breakthroughs, fame, popularity, academic excellence, accomplishments and we are yet to be served our own ‘food‘ and we are being tempted to ‘drag the tray’ and take our  own food by force.

 Friends, I know waiting period is not an easy period. Atimes we feel our friends have left us behind. Many that we started as single ladies together are now married with children and here we are; still single and no ray of proposal talk less of marriage. 

Some of us,many of our friends that we got married the same year are through with child bearing and here we are, no miscarriage once talk less of pregnancy, and we feel like ‘dragging the tray’. 

Atimes, many of us feel that many of our friends that we started work together have left us behind as we see their career blossoming, we feel the only way we can also see our careers validated is to ‘drag the tray’.   

Friends, be encouraged!

 The one serving this ‘food’ of marriage, success, promotion, career breakthrough is not a man. HE is GOD your Maker!

HE has your own plate of ‘food’ in HIS tray. At the appointed time, HE will serve you and when you will be eating your own food, those who have eaten before you will watch your mouth as you ‘eat’ with pleasure. 
Don’t ‘drag the tray’. Don’t take short cut. Remember that shortcut can cuts you short of some things you ought to receive in full. 

If you get the ‘miracle’ by ‘dragging the tray’ you will end up in ridicule as you will later be dragged out in shame as the ‘pepper’ in your eyes will make the end of your ‘miracle’ a show of shame.  

If you are waiting for a man, you can waste but if you are waiting on GOD, your waiting period is never a wasting period! 

Wait on GOD. Your ‘food’ is closer to you than you think. 

Don’t drag the tray! 

Don’t drag the tray!! 

Don’t drag the tray!!!

 Are you in a situation whereby you think it’s getting late? Don’t be in a hurry because there is a morning after a night.

Hope you’re blessed. 

It’s your time to bless others with your contribution to this with your comment. Please share your thoughts on this.


How The Economy Makes A Woman Price School Fees

May God bless us in this country as things are going on. I was having my leisure time when a friend sent me this funny observation or let me say a funny story which I will like to share with you. Enjoy with me:

       This economic recession is no longer funny oo, I saw a woman pricing school fees, “Aunty, How much if we remove Geography and Physical Education? I want him to become a doctor not a traveler. Or what if he comes to school only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will you reduce it?”


This is really serious o. 

Ehn….before I drop my pen, what is your own view on this matter? 

If you happened to be the proprietor of the school what would be your response? Please let’s discuss by commenting below.


I Thought It Was My Husband!

My dear people, do you know there are strong women in this great nation, Nigeria?
You say ‘Yes!’
Well, we do say, “What a man can do, a woman can do better.”
Let me quickly tell you this short funny story.
A woman was being praised for her ability to wrestle a burglar who tried to rob her to the ground.
“Madam…” the police remarked, “I am amazed that you had the courage to attack a burglar and with everywhere being dark.”
“Oh!” replied the woman who was a little embarrassed, “I didn’t know it was a burglar, I thought it was my husband.”

Do you now see that this is serious!
What’s your own view about this?

Once again welcome to Bodjetstar Comedy House (BCH)!
I remain Bodjetstar.
Thank You!


Funny Nigerian Phonebook Contact


*Iya Deji alaso
*Nuru eleran
*Kamoru Onigi
*Iya Monsurat elepo.
*Iya Lekan eleja
*Saidi onisu
*Iya Ijesha oniru
*Basiru oni moto
*Sola omo baba Basira
*Basira oniponmo
*Suraju olokada
*Oriyomi alalubosa
*Bose Tailor
*Gbenro agbero
*Noimo olororo
*Iya Luku Oloka
*Akanke alakara eebo
*Sola tisha
*Baba Wale Nepa
*Iya Biliki elepo
*Baba Aduke alagunmu jedi
*Iya Wasiu onifufu
*Morufu riwaya
*Iya Olobi agba
*Baba Tawa alajo
*Alani kafinta
*Buroda Tunde birikila
*Moomi Oloole
*Buroda mi Alani
*Iya mi elesuru
*Baba ilu eebo
*Bello Olopa jeko jeko
*Suberu ologbon ori
*Buroda Yellow
*Baba elero alogi
*Solo agbegi lere
*Grace pupa
*Poolu asona
*Baba onifoto
*Gambari onisuya
*Demola Fokanaisa
*Godi omo ibo
*Alhaji agbe kanga
*Baba gbegi lodo
*Biodun repeara
*Risi olonje
*Alao alawin …….
I can't laugh alone jooooo!!!


A Secret Is Revealed In The Presence Of A Gossiper

Three ladies who were ushers in a church agreed to sincerely tell each other their problems which must be kept as a secret between the three of them.

The First said, “My problem is money I do steal even from the church offerings please pray for me.”
The Second said, “Mine is fornication, whenever I see any first-timer guy that is cute and handsome, my desire will be to go bed with him or spend his money by dating him. I don’t know, I am lost in lustful desires.

Turning to the Third one to hear her problem she started crying. It took her friends some effort to calm her. When they asked her to continue she was still crying as she said, “My problem is Gossipping, when we leave this place everybody will hear all what the two of you have just told me! Please Pray For me.”

What Will You Do If You Happened To Be The First Two?

NOTE:I am not saying you nor referring you to such acts but just as a case study, what’s your opinion since it’s just a joke.


Can A Nigerian Lectures In China? Read This Funny Story

A Nigerian lecturer was opportuned to lecture in China.
The first day he entered lecture theatre, he began by introducing himself and then brought out the list given to him to call the attendance.

While going through the list he called a name, “Ching Hung!” A student answered “Present.”
He called the second name, “Chan Junchin”. Another student answered, “Present.”
Suddenly, he sneezed, “hatchin!” a student seated at the corner stood up and said, “Present!”
He then exclaimed,”hmmmm…”all the students shouted, “Absent.”
He got confused and said,”Chai!” Three students stood up and responded, “Which of us?”
The lecturer became more confused and he asked, “What is wrong?”
A student stood up and replied, “Sir, I’m not Wrong, I’m called Wong.”
The lecturer now laughed, “hahaha…” A girl answered, “Present sir.”

If You Happen To Be The Lecturer What Will You Do?